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East Coast Health Insurance is an insurance firm that specializes in individual health insurance. It is located in the city of Deerfield Beach just outside of Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. The company offers great service and helps with all kinds of health insurance needs. They provide coverage across many states all over the country. They have numerous affiliation plans with hospitals all over the country of United States. Their affiliation plans usually entitle you to a free service at some hospitals and medical care centers. They administer all the health care carriers and health plan providers in the state of Florida. They have associations with Aetna, Avmed, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, United etc. They believe on the tagline that, health insurance is a right; not a privilege. They are constantly bringing out new plans for each state.

Recently they included a new plan for Miami state, called the Miami Dade Blue plan. The website is well known for its health care services. You can find many interesting information about the health insurance plans on the website, provides quick and easy quotes from multiple carriers—life insurance, group insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, family insurance and individual insurance. East Coast Health Insurance is located in the state of Florida. Hence Florida health insurance quotes and Florida medical insurances can be obtained directly from their website, by logging on to They also have a toll free number for people to receive nationwide health insurance quotes in an instant. They provide affordable and instant quotes right from regional health insurance companies to the major ones, throughout the country. Many plans provided by them can be purchased securely and privately through the website. East coast health insurance acts as a portal for many other health insurance providers. Once you register for a plan in their website, you will be directed to that company’s secure site, where you will be prompted to pay for the insurance plan.

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